Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen, Denmark)

From the city that brought us Hans Christian Anderson has come this wonderful amusement and pleasure park that is situated right at the heart of city, and is one of the oldest and most visited theme parks in Europe. Opened in 1843 ‘Tivoli’ as it is also known has had countless rides and alterations made to it throughout its long history.

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The gardens now contain a number of performance venues including a concert hall and pantomime theatre, productions for which run all year round. In the warmer summer months the grounds themselves are transformed into an open air venue for rock, pop and jazz concerts.

Tivoli is brimming with charm and character, from the moment the park opens patrons are treated to music played by the marching band of the ‘Tivoli Boys Guard’, and are sent off with a bang with a fantastic firework display as the park closes in the evening.

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