Nippon Budokan (Tokyo, Japan)

Also known simply as ‘Budokan’ this multipurpose indoor arena was originally built to host the Judo events at the 1964 Summer Olympics and is still a popular venue for martial arts tournaments. Since then it has hosted many famous musical acts including The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Frank Sinatra and countless others.

The octagonal arena can hold up to 14,201 spectators and due the acoustics of the building, is a favourite among music artists for recording live performances. Budokan is also a popular venue for other events and has hosted everything from heavyweight boxing title matches to the Japan Record Awards.

Situated in Kitanomaru Park in the centre of Tokyo the venue is easy to get to by rail or foot making it a popular stop off point for those on their way to visit the Yasukuni Shrine built to commemorate those who have died in the service of Japan.

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