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Orchestral Design At Home

21st Century design often leans upon classical themes to give a bold new look, but never have we seen this idea taken to such a length as to inspire a table’s design. This Piano dining table was shown to us by out friends at Dixons Estate Agents and it would be foolish if we didn’t give you a chance to look at it too.

The great bluff of this table is that if you were to glance at it or walk by, you would probably mistake it as being a a piano. While it maintains the same shape as a grand, it is much more refined and thinner to give a more sleek appearance and outlook.

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A central column acts as a divide and means the table can be moved around to expand further in a space and make sure the table can actually fit a good amount of people around when dining. The underbelly of the table uses the glass panelling to act as a reverberating speaker that comes on when an iPod is connecting in the hidden dock.

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A pull out drawer perfect for storing your cutlery also save on space for a room, meaning it will stand out much more than expected. The table is designed to fit four people: perfect for a couple’s dinner.

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The large surface also makes it an ideal space for carrying out personal work too and is ideal for those who like a bit of ambience when they work.

Thanks for Dixons for bringing the table to our attention. Click here for a letting agent in Moseley to see some of their houses on offer.