Opera In The Persian Gulf

With the rapid increase of industry in the middle east, and more western influence coming in too, the growth of fine arts in this area of the world is on the up. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in Doha, where this incredible looking opera house take centre stage in the buzzing Qatar Cultural Village. Let’s take a look around and get to know a little bit more about this artistic gem.

This lush 550 seater theatre is home to a wide variety of entertainment year round. Acts like the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra call this fantastically ornate amphitheatre home for most of the year, but . It has helped grow the awareness of classical music in the area and allows for orchestras which couldn’t previously tour in this part of the world to do so. As part of their “manifesto” of sorts, the philharmonic is part of the Qatar Foundation and is helping work towards their goals of growing education, science and research, and community development in the region.

Prestigious acts including Bob Ross and the Philharmonic Brass, the BBC Orchestra and Philipp Auguin have all conducted shows at the venue in recent years.  The venue is also surrounded by other growing art venues including the Katara Arts Studio and the Katara Drama Theatre; a smaller venue more suited to public style presentations such as TedX Doha. As you can see, the theatre is very opulently decorated and tries to bring a luxury experience to watching all sorts of events.


Doha is growing as one of the top travel destinations in the Persian Gulf. There are a growing number of hotel apartments in Doha and 5 star accommodation options are turning in to something of a mini Dubai, with a much more honed focus on the are have a cultural edge over other cities in the area. If you’re visiting Doha and would like to see the building, it is building 16 in the cultural village.

Officially called Katara, but still referred to by the locals as the “village”, this part of town is growing in to a vibrant cultural hub. There are over a dozen restaurants that have a great variety of food on offer. There’s Italian, traditional Indian food and even a seafood restaurant, although upon reading up on it, Ard Canaan is the place to go as its meant to provide a true representation of Holy Land Cuisine. And of course there’s also a smoothie place when you need something healthy to cool down with (I’ve read its a bit of a hangout spot at night).


If you’re visiting during the day, it’s a great chance to snap some pics at the Ampitheater; a classically styled outdoor venue that hearkens back a few millennia but was only opened in 2011.

Now if you’re in the process of planning a holiday to Doha, check out this Qatar Airways promo code for seasonal air fare offers and online booking discounts. Travel during the winter months and you can expect a daily average of somewhere between 18-25°C. Go in the summer and the daily average is 37°C with it commonly tipping up to 40°C; probably not the best time to see a show at the amphitheatre but definitely worth an air conditioned evening at the opera house.