Athens Concert Hall

You might be more likely to associate Athens with sunny holidays or even Olympic triumphs but it is also home to one of Europe’s most impressive concert halls.

The Athens Concert Hall has, in fact, now got four concert halls within it with two larger halls and two smaller. Inaugerated in 1991 the hall is used anually for operatic performances as well as a host of other events making it a hub of culture in Athens.


Also known as the Megaroon it is located on Vasilississ Sofias Avenue and has the Megaro Moussikis metro station attached just outside hall 3 making it easily accessible for the public.


Architecturally speaking the hall is of interest to a great many with the process of the design and laying of its 8000 metre floor being the subject of Christoper Alexanders The Nature of Order: An Essay on the Art of Building and the Nature of the Universe.


The Athens Concert Hall is extremely popular with visitors from around the world as well. The Greece tourist trade is huge and people travel all over to make the most of its beautiful weather with Athens being the most popular city to visit. People looking for something a little more off the beaten track are starting to take advantage of Mark Warner holidays to Lemnos, a beautiful island in the north of the Aegean sea. The small island boasts a host of stunning sandy beaches and you can find out more about it by visiting here http://www.markwarner.co.uk/sun-holidays/greece/lemnos-beach.


Visitors to Athens can expect everything you would find in any modern, cosmopolitan city from great bars and restaurants to designer shops and boutiques as well as fantastic markets and shops supplying traditional Greek items.

Any visit to Athens would feel incomplete without a visit to the Athens Concert Hall so when you are looking at things to see and do in Greece make sure you include this on your to do list.