Royal Opera House

London Royal Opera House

London is a location lucky enough to be blessed with a number of great music venues. With great contemporary venues playing host to popular music groups in small and large venues, it is down to the likes of The Royal Opera House to host orchestras and Operas.

Located in Covent Garden in central London, the Royal Opera House was first opened in 1732. Originally starting as a play house before moving on to Ballet performances and then Operas it was originally called the Theatre Royal.

Despite its traditional appearance the structure has undergone several rebuilds following fires and can now accommodate 2256 people in its amphitheater gallery.

Central London is packed with a number of great theatres and music venues but the style and location of the Royal Opera House make it a favourite among many and it is still home to The Royal Opera, The Royal Ballet, and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House.

With its central London location you will find numerous transport links a short distance away as well as some great shopping opportunities in Covent Garden itself. You are also close to one of the worlds leading private Oncology clinics in the LOC that can boast some of the leading experts in Oncology care including Dr Paul Ross.

If you are looking for nearby restaurants or bars to enjoy a pre show meal you won’t be let down with several wonderful options at your disposal.

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Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House