Orchestra & Chill? Our top music picks!

How do you relax after a long day? Do you take a bath? Prefer a good book and a cup of tea? Or is stretching out on the sofa sound like bliss to you? Today on the blog we’re taking our orchestral insights in a different direction by finding some of the best places online to find music that will help you chill out.

Aside from getting a good massage deal and having someone give you a little pampering, finding time to chill out and let our bodies simply have time to relax can be tough. One of the easiest ways to have a little switch off and make the day go in a little easier is by listening to music (as this video points out)

One of the easiest ways to help switch off and chill out is by putting on music that essentially compliments your surroundings rather than interrupts: hence the reason you’d use something like Metallica to gear you up and in the zone rather than take you out of it)

To help make that easier, here are some of the best classical sources out there to help you relax no matter where you are:


Throw in any search of “classical+ any word” and you’ll get amazing videos like these that have a compilation of classical music that is on the softer side and not say The Marriage of Figaro. They can go for hours and as the comments you’ll see in many of them, they help time just fly by.



One of the best resources for free music online, Soundcloud is a treasure trove of classical music that is often underlooked. While a typical search for anything classical will give you mixed results, there is a way of finding some great orchestral music to chill out to.

To find the best classical chill out music on it, make sure your search looks something like what I’ve done above. Filter your results by track and then change the length to greater than 30 minutes.

Learn Your Pressure Points

A bit off topic but a great way to learn where and how to massage yourself. Figuring out your pressure points can help ease pain and this blogpost is a handy guide of learning where to rub your head, why moving your elbow about more can relieve stress and how to squeeze your kneecap to run farther (it sounds like one of those crazy tips that is fake, but I did a few after a jog and it worked wonders)


You might not know this, but classical is sadly the 2nd least popular genre of music on Spotify (take that Blues!) And while it’s clear to see that more up-beat and faster music leans towards what people listen to the most, there are some fascinating findings Spotify has provided from analysing it’s own data, especially when it comes to the seasons:

  • In the fall, people really like traditional, orchestral, acoustic music.

It turns out that as we get towards the colder months and get the scarves out, people are as like to listen to a classical playlist as they are to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Of all the classical playlists out there, there are two I swear by and listen to almost every day to help relax:

Cinematic chill is great for getting work done or to have on while you’re making dinner.

This minimal playlist is something I put on later in the evening when I need to decompress.

Of course there are dozens are custom made classical playlists out there, and I’d recommend having a dig about to find one that suits you.