Opera de la Bastille (Paris, France)

Opened in 1989 the Opera Bastille as it is also commonly known is a fantastic example of stylish architecture, which even 24 years after the completion of construction the venue still looks like it was only opened yesterday.

Parisians first developed the original concept for a modern, popular opera house in the 1880s however was continually hampered due to limitations on productions that were placed upon it by France’s oldest opera house the ‘Palais Garnier’. Despite finally being opened over a century later the Opera Bastille would be subject to more hardship as it found itself at the centre of financial scandal and controversial boycott that would see many famous composers refusing to play at the venue. Despite these earlier troubles the venue is now home to the Paris National Opera and favourite for Ballet production companies, as well as playing host to many other musical acts.

Sited in the ‘Bastille’ district of Paris, a historically significant area of the city and focal point of the French revolution, the building often finds itself as the backdrop to organised marches, protests and political movements, and is recognised as a ‘revolutionary’ centre by many. If you are on the lookout for a hotel or good Paris accommodation visit Fraser suites who have a wonderful option.

This summer will see a huge influx of visitors because of the 2016 European Championships so booking any accommodation over this time could be tricky but there will be plenty of entertainment on throughout the summer anyway.

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