The O2 Arena (London, UK)

This multipurpose indoor arena is the second largest in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. Originally opened in 2000 as the ‘Millennium Experience’ it featured a number of exhibits encompassing a range of arts, sciences and humanities however was closed after only 2 years due to financial difficulties.

Constructed underneath the ‘Dome’ complex of its predecessor with the assistance of acoustic engineers, the O2 Arena was finally opened in 2007 and has the least echo of any arena in the world thereby enhancing the atmosphere produced by its performers and crowd. Its impressive capacity of 20,000 seats coupled with a prime location in the centre of London makes it a popular venue and as such it is considered to be the world’s busiest music arena. It has since won the 2010 award for ‘live music venue of the year’.

The arena hosts a variety of other guests and events including stand-up comedians and sporting events. In 2012 for corporate sponsorship reasons the venue was re-branded as the ‘North Greenwich Arena’ and hosted various events during the London Olympic and Paralympic games.

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As well as the O2 Arena, London has a vast array of different venues from the world famous Royal Albert Hall to the Camden Roundhouse, Brixton Academy and many more.

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Whilst in the area you should check out the Pearlfisher building. A now iconic company which is open for the publish to come in and have a look to how a classic London Victorian building looks like in full operation, but with a twist. This building – like the ones that surround it shouldn’t look modern, although it is a building full of the worlds best graphic designers; who have overflowing creativity which was always going to eventually grow outwith the work that they complete for their clients and make it’s way through the building. Branding agency Pearlfisher have have a very minimalist look, which is apparent in their front door alone. For more photos of the outstanding rooms inside of the building go to http://www.pearlfisher.com/


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